la cucaracha look what I brought ya come on little monkey dance with it
honey you got the money we got the monkey come on little monkey dance
me we don't wanna go where they want us to be everybody's shakin' it
everybody's groovin' come on little monkey dance with me dance with me
that summer we enjoyed it!
and beast between blount dirt free from girl's invisible jesus like
love my
never sad save see smoke so soul that the tonight weed white won't
world you
Parking Lot
the punk rocker sighed
'cause there was no
black tee shirt in his
dirty clothes
so he'd have to wear a dress shirt
out to the club
and risk his dark dark reputation
he'd have to get his revenge!

the indie rocker cried
'cause he was stoned as the
irate jocks crushed his weezer album
he'd have to get his revenge!

there was a fight in the parking lot
baby i think i better hurry on home
there was a fight in the parking lot
baby i think i better go and get stoned

the rich young rednecks they
love slim shady
they lip synch the lyrics while they're line dancing
and waiting for the cowgirl to bring their drinks back
while they're making eyes at the girls in tight wranglers
they'd have to become their friend

they were kissing in the parking lot

the hip hoppers bitched
'cause they were ballin'
they jumped the curb and
bent their rim up
they'd have to call their uncle to get more product
and buy a new dub first thing tomorrow
they'd have to get their revenge

there was a deal in the parking lot

I'm a love bug in your grill
i'm a racoon underneath your wheel
back it up
make sure i'm dead

i'm the mouse you threw in your tank of snakes
i'm a seagull inside a hurricane
the hailstones really hurt my wings

tie a rope , a brick to my leg
tie me down in your antbed
eat my meat
right off of my bone

i was a country singer, a rising star
'til i took that xanax bar
and passed out at the country music awards

now nashville it ain't the same
nobody knows my name
and they cross the street
when i walk by

I'm the mouse....